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Detailing Services & Price Quotes

 Paint correction starts at $1000. A personal inspection of your vehicle is necessary to assess your vehicle's finish and any factors that would result in the detail taking more or less time.

A 'typical' detail takes approximately 2.5-3 days and consists of:

  • Washing the vehicle.
  • Removing any surface contaminants using a clay bar.
  • Ferrous decontamination of the vehicle to remove embedded iron particles.
  • Paint correction:  This could consist of 1 or more 'steps' of compounding, polishing, and refining your vehicles finish-it is very labor intensive.  I take a conservative approach in order to leave as much clear coat/paint on the vehicle as possible so there is enough for future corrections if necessary.  I remove as many scratches, swirls and other defects as possible.
  • Wheels off:  this is the removal of your vehicles wheels in order to deep clean the faces as well as the barrels of your wheels.  The brake calipers and wheel wells will also get cleaned/polished/coated as necessary.
  • Ceramic/glass coating. I use professional products that have a 5 year warranty, however, proper maintenance is key to the longevity of the product.
  • Dressing the tires.
  • Cleaning the glass.
  • Cleaning & polishing the exhaust tips.
  • Light interior cleaning, unless you wish to add leather ceramic coating for extra protection.  This is an additional $200.