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Scott Harle, Master Detailer

Scott has over 10 years experience detailing. He uses his knowledge and expertise to bring out the best in your vehicle. Scott goes above and beyond, using the correct tools, products and methods that are appropriate for your vehicle's paint type and thickness. 



SPS Graphene



Griot's Garage

Adam's Polishes


McKee's 37

And numerous others

Fully Licensed and Insured


– Tyler Smith, Naples, FL

 Scott worked magic on my Mustang and transformed it from a swirled up mess into a mirror. I was hoping to reduce the swirls in the paint, but they were basically eliminated. The difference was night and day. I really can't say enough about the job Scott did. You can feel 100% confident leaving your car in his hands. I promise it will come back looking as good as new (likely better). Thanks again, Scott! 

– Ryan Teed, Naples, FL

 This is the best my car has ever looked. I thought my car was perfect before I brought it to Autodermatology. There was some water spots on the hood I couldn't get out no matter what I did. They have all the right tools for the job. They removed all the water spots and sealed the car so it looks like glass and the water beads right off. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for a perfect finish. 

– Beth Cunningham, Naples, FL

 Scott performs miracles!!!!! Besides all the scratches from parking lots and the car wash, my 4 year old son wrote on my entire car with a rock. I thought my only option was to repaint. Scott transformed my car. It looks brand new! Better then the day I bought it! Thank you, thank you, thank you. I will NEVER go anywhere else. Autodermatology is far superior than anyone I used in the past.