About Us

My name is Scott Harle, and I have over 10 years experience detailing.  I use my expertise and knowledge to bring out the best in your vehicle. I go above and beyond, using the correct tools, products and methods that are appropriate for your vehicle's paint-type and thickness.

I am fully licensed and insured.

Proper detailing and paint correction takes time. My average time spent per vehicle is approximately 16+ hours, sometimes longer, depending upon the vehicle's condition.

You will be surprised at the defects I can remove from your paint and the outstanding overall results I can achieve!

***Autodermatology is proud to anounce that we are now an authorized 'beeds' ceramic coating installer!***Autodermatology is proud to utilize DeFelsko paint and coating thickness gauges.

What black paint is supposed to look like!  Reflective, like a mirror!  I took this photo after completing a paint correction and ceramic coating of a black Chevy Avalanche.